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NRS & IKEA Launch Electric Drayage in Los Angeles

August 26, 2015

From 3PL Logistics News website, August 26, 2015.

Los Angeles, CA (August 26, 2015) – National Retail Systems, Inc. (NRS), the 3PL (Third Party Logistics) leader, launches a zero emissions electric drayage operation exclusively for IKEA Distribution Services North America in Los Angeles.

The electric drayage tractors run 100 percent on electric charge eliminating the use of fuel. The operating range of the tractors is up to 100 miles. As a first approach, NRS will pull IKEA containers from the Port of L.A. to the yard, allowing a zero emission transport of containers off port property. Moving forward, the truck has the capacity to handle round trips from the NRS yard to any of the IKEA stores in the L.A. market. Thus, this program will potentially allow zero emission transport of IKEA containers from the port to the local stores.

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Electric drayage built by TransPower

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