TransPower’s ElecTruck™ components have been shown to easily meet the demanding power requirements of the heaviest on-road Class 8 trucks, weighing up to 80,000 lbs (on road) and 130-175,000 (off-road) gross combined weight. These are full speed with full start on grade pure battery-electric trucks configured to also draw power from a multitude of sources including but not limited to, overhead catenary power lines, natural gas, and fuel cell range extenders. 

Since 2013, over a dozen trucks with the ElecTruck™ drive system have completed successful public demonstrations with over 100,000 miles of real-world experience including short haul drayage, school buses, yard tractors, and heavy port lifting equipment. Based on this experience, TransPower is currently building dozens more next generation electric road trucks with the ElecTruck™ system in common chassis from major manufacturers such as Peterbilt and Navistar with more chassis options coming in 2018. TransPower has also adopted the ElecTruck™ system for refuse application using our optional electrified power take-off ePTO.

In 2017, TransPower began on-road demonstrations of various models of range extending plug-in hybrid trucks. These trucks share the same electric drive as their pure battery electric counterparts using half the battery or an estimated 40-50 miles of battery only range and add on-board power generation to extend the range on additional 400 miles or more. These range extenders can be fueled by compressed natural gas, compressed hydrogen, or near zero or zero emission extended range operation.

Showcasing TransPower’s technological diversity and prowess is the Siemens e-highway catenary electric demonstration program. As part of the $13.5 million e-highway program, TransPower developed, built, and demonstrated two trucks one pure-battery and one with additional a natural gas fueled on-board generator both able to draw full power from overhead catenary lines further extending the zero emissions electric range.

For a detailed description of this application, download this report on the use of the ElecTruck™ systems in large trucks.


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    Hello! Could I have more information about the complete system, We are a carrier and I want to convert diesel to electric a kenworth truck 2013. How much does the system cost?
    Thank you!
    Jose Martínez

  2. Pieter Krüger

    We have a project (South Africa) where we have to move 30 000 tons of ore (per month) over a distance of 1100 km (2200 round trip). We are anxious to know whether it would be possible to convert 80 trucks to become electrical. Fast Charge stations can be erected every 100 km or so - depending on the range of the trucks. The terrain is flat, semi desert and mainly uninhabited. Solar could be utilized as the sun quality in this region is of the best in the world. The trucks we are looking at are International or Freightliner double axle (diff) that we currently use. Can you please come back to me with a principle answer and put me in contact with a relevant person in your organisation.
    Many thanks.

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