TransPower’s ElecTruck™ components are designed to work together seamlessly in a variety of configurations, meeting the power needs of a tremendous array of vehicle types under just about any operating condition imaginable.

The foundation for the ElecTruck™ family of drive systems is TransPower’s integrated battery-electric drive system, which enables the largest vehicles to operate as battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), using no fuel and producing zero emissions.

Using the battery-electric ElecTruck™ system as a foundation, TransPower is developing drive system variants that provide extended capabilities, such as hybrid drive systems that can use small amounts of clean fuels such as natural gas or hydrogen for range extension.

Drive systems can be installed into just about any type of medium or heavy-duty vehicle (see Vehicle Applications), and are customized to work seamlessly in the selected vehicle model.  Drive system controls are fully integrated with the base vehicle controls and displays, making it easier for vehicle operators to achieve total command of the advanced drive system functions.

Composition of ElecTruck™ Drive System

The ElecTruck™ family of drive systems uses battery energy, either solely or in combination with energy from an auxiliary power unit (APU), to meet the propulsion and other power requirements of a wide range of vehicles, ranging from 20,000 lb. delivery trucks and school buses to the largest trucks and tractors capable of hauling loads of 80,000 lb. or more. While a large variety of drive system configurations are possible, all drive systems use common building blocks, including those featured below.

Drive Systems in Operation
EDD-2 Aerial view showing PCAS

Battery-Electric Systems

Microturbine CNG Hybrid Bus Concept-isometric view

Natural Gas Hybrid Systems

Fuel Cell Hybrid Systems

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