TransPower was one of the first companies to recognize that large format lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells offer the highest power density at the lowest cost for heavy-duty vehicles, with attractive safety and maintainability features. Most of TransPower’s vehicle energy storage products are built around LiFePO4 cells, although the Company has experience with a wide variety of battery chemistries and can provide energy storage solutions most commercially-available battery technologies upon request.

Product Description

TransPower specializes in the use of large format LiFePO4 cells, with ratings between 180 and 400 ampere-hours (Ah), although smaller and larger cell sizes are available. Through extensive testing at the cell, module, and vehicle levels, TransPower has found these cells to be exceptionally safe and reliable, as have many other vehicle manufacturers that have switched to these cells in recent years. TransPower works with independent third-party experts to assure the quality of the cells it purchases, and selects the specific cell model and size best suited for each individual energy storage application.


The LiFePO4 cells offered by TransPower are, in our company’s view, the best-value lithium-ion batteries available anywhere in the world, combining high energy density, good stability, and low cost. Our cell manufacturing partners have tested these cells and predict that they will last for 3,000 to 5,000 charge cycles, depending on how deeply the cells are discharged. TransPower’s ESS approach is to integrate these low-cost cells into well-engineered modules and to employ the industry’s most sophisticated battery management system (BMS) to provide the most efficient and cost-effective overall energy storage solutions for heavy-duty vehicles.

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