TransPower designs and manufactures custom battery modules that are closely tailored to the needs of specific vehicle applications. After selecting the type and size cell best suited to that vehicle’s performance requirements, TransPower designs a set of battery modules for that vehicle’s energy storage subsystem (ESS). Many factors are carefully considered in the design and manufacture of battery modules, including vehicle volume and weight constraints, center of mass, collision protection, and cell accessibility for servicing.

Product Description

Large battery modules, weighing about 800-1,000 lb. each, are typically utilized to minimize the number of modules required on each vehicle. Each module houses batteries, electrical connections, and BMS hardware, and is precision-designed to securely contain these ESS elements while making the most effective use of available space on the vehicle. Heavy-duty construction is utilized to help secure and protect batteries. Removable lids provide easy access to batteries, wiring, and BMS to facilitate servicing.


Efficient design minimizes weight and vehicle alterations. Heavy-duty construction, along with structural features designed to transmit collision loads away from batteries, help increase safety and improves ESS reliability. Removable lids and other maintainability features reduce the time and expense required to inspect and replace batteries or other ESS elements. Standardization of basic design features maximizes commonality across vehicle applications and minimizes the cost of developing module variants for new vehicle models, or to accommodate new battery technologies as they become available.

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