TransPower’s ElecTruck™ components can be augmented with range extension kits that make efficient use of hydrogen fuel cells to supply energy to augment the ElecTruck™ battery packs.

Combining the large ElecTruck™ battery capacity with the generating capacity of a hydrogen fuel cell results in a zero-emission vehicle with greater operating range than a pure battery-electric vehicle but lower fuel consumption than a typical fuel cell-powered vehicle.  The large battery pack also enables use of a much smaller fuel cell than would otherwise be required for large vehicle applications, resulting in a lower capital cost for the drive system.

Product Description

TransPower’s fuel cell hybrid drive system merges the ElecTruck™ battery-electric drive system with an innovative new range extender that can use a hydrogen fuel cell. The fuel cell uses a chemical reaction as opposed to combustion to produce electric energy without generating emissions, which can be used to augment and recharge the vehicle’s batteries or to operate the vehicle at modest power levels when the batteries are depleted.

By taking advantage of the energy stored in the ElecTruck™ battery packs and the system’s high-power electric motors, range extension can be achieved using comparatively small fuel cell power plants such as the 30 kW Hydrogenics HyPM™ HD30 fuel cell. While this fuel cell was developed for light and medium duty vehicles, when used as a range extender it can enhance the performance of much larger vehicles up to and including the Class 8 trucks.


The fuel cell hybrid system provides a viable zero-emission alternative for vehicle operators whose operating range requirements exceed the 80-100 mile limit of the ElecTruck™ battery-electric drive system.

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on Fuel Cell Hybrid Systems.

    Proposal to retrofit Smith-Newton Electric Truck with fuel cell range extender.

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