The EVControl™  vehicle control system provides integrated control of the many subsystems and controllers comprising the ElecTruck™ system. The primary functions of the EVControl™ system are to

  • Control the main drive motor(s) torque,
  • Manage the flow of energy into and out of the vehicle battery packs,
  • Coordinate control of electrically-driven accessories, and
  • Monitor the health of all critical vehicle components.
Product Description

EVControl Vehicle ControllerThe EVControl™ system uses modern, model-based code design to create a flexible control architecture that can be customized to accommodate a wide variety of components. Key functions such as battery management are fully integrated into the EVControl™ system so factors such as battery voltage and temperature are taken into consideration in responding to driver commands and various driving conditions.


The EVControl™ system is used to provide for safe and efficient operation of a wide variety of heavy-duty vehicles using ElecTruck™ components. Operator interfaces are simple, which makes vehicles using these controllers easy to drive. Diagnostic tools are also very user-friendly to facilititate servicing, and the flexible control architecture makes it easy to upgrade the drive system if new and improved components become available.

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