The inverter used in the Grid-Saver™ system is an advanced technology device that offers an unprecedented combination of low cost, high efficiency, and compact design.

This “Inverter-Charger Unit” (ICU), rated at 250 kW, is an extraordinarily compact device, with a power density of greater than 2 MW/m3, offering 100% kVA capability at a remarkably high efficiency of greater than 98%.

The compact geometry is achieved with liquid cooling and other advanced features, but without inflating costs. ICUs are typically priced today at less than 30 cents/watt, and in larger production volumes this product can be delivered for less than 20 cents/watt.

For higher power applications, the ICU output can be increased from 250 kW to 333 kW, an upgrade that requires software modifications and little to no hardware changes.

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on Bidirectional Inverters.
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    We have built up a company for total powerbalancing of private houses. We are now coming up to the point were we need to look for a new suplyer of bidirectional inverter.
    We need both single phase 3 Kw and 10 Kw 3 phase inverters. Is this something you produce?

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