Stationary Energy Storage

Technologies That Enable Low-Emission Energy Production & Storage

Changing the way we generate, transmit, and store electrical energy.

Stationary Energy Storage

TransPower offers a scalable battery energy storage system called Grid-Saver™, which provides a modular, flexible, low-cost energy storage option for commercial and utility-scale energy storage needs.

Grid-Saver™ utilizes large format lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells, which offer superior safety, high energy density, good stability, and low cost. The cells are installed into battery storage modules that are easy to handle and that can be arranged in series strings to achieve a wide variety of operating voltage requirements.

Each series string is typically connected to an “Inverter-Charger Unit” (ICU), a revolutionary new bidirectional inverter product developed by TransPower in collaboration with EPC Power Corp. Advanced battery monitoring and supervisory energy controls are used to keep Grid-Saver™ operating within expected parameters and to assure that customer energy storage needs are met effectively and reliably.

For a detailed description, follow this link to download the report on the Grid-Saver™ energy storage system.

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