Electric vehicles, unlike conventional engine-driven vehicles, do not have belt-driven alternators connected to the engine to operate ancillary devices such as power steering, power braking, and air conditioning. TransPower’s electrically-driven accessories are the perfect solution for these types of “power take-off’ (PTO) devices.

Product Description

Electrically-Driven AccessoriesTransPower’s electrically-driven accessories use a rugged air compressor and hydraulic pump to make the truck accessories fully electric, allowing them to function without an engine or alternator. TransPower also supplies electrically-driven accessories to provide power for lighting, refrigeration, and any other electrical appliances or loads.

In fact, these accessories can be combined with lithium battery packs and installed into conventional diesel trucks to provide electric power without having to idle the engine. TransPower’s accessories are activated only when required, which makes them significantly more energy-efficient than accessories that are run all the time.


TransPower’s electrically-driven accessories provide reliable operation of critical vehicle functions such as steering, braking, and climate control. They operate more efficiently than conventional engine-driven accessories, using the most advanced electromechanical and power conversion technologies available. This preserves precious battery energy, helping to improve EV operating range and cost-effectiveness.

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