TransPower’s ElecTruck™ components are especially well-suited for use in all versions of Class 8 yard tractors.  These vehicles, also known as “yard hostlers” or “yard goats,” are used to move heavy trailers short distances, usually within a warehouse, distribution center, or port terminal. The ElecTruck™  5-speed Automated Manual Powertrain has the gearing to tackle the toughest start on grade conditions while providing class leading top speed with the flexibility to support on and off road warehouse units to 130,000 lbs port spec tractors.

TransPower fielded its first yard tractors in 2012 and has since fielded on road, off road, and port spec variants spanning three generations of tractor development refined over 40,000 real world EV miles at ports and warehouses operating as much as 21 hours and 60 miles between charges depending on the application. TransPower is now supporting Kalmar Ottawa’s T2 tractor platform.

This new generation of electric yard tractors is showing that ElecTruck™-powered tractors can equal or surpass the performance of diesel-powered tractors, while improving the environment and saving thousands of dollars per year in fuel and maintenance costs.


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  1. Kyung Hwan Kim

    We have much interest in your TransPower’s ElecTruck componebts with purchase and distribution inquiry. For our review and discussion with potential customers please provide your distributor / retail price information with brochures and video.
    Thank you.

    HaeKeon Corporation
    CPO Box 6472 Seoul South Korea

  2. |

    Kindly let us know all the prices, retail ones offered by major electric terminal tractor manufacturers in the world

  3. |

    Need two
    electric port trucks


  4. Eugene Payne

    I am looking for an electric truck capable of handling 58.5Mt flour trailers for our facility.
    Appreciate if someone can contact me regarding options you may have.
    Regards, Eugene

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