Management Team

TransPower is led by an exceptionally experienced and talented team that is uniquely qualified to take on the challenges of developing such a wide range of game-changing energy and transportation-related technologies. Its CEO Michael Simon was a Co-Founder of ISE Corporation, a leading electric and hybrid vehicle technology company from 1995 to 2010, and as its Co-CEO led ISE to ten consecutive years of revenue growth prior to his departure in 2005.

Technical activities are led by Chief Scientist Dr. James Burns and Chief Technologist Dr. Paul Scott, both of whom are prominent scholars as well as industry technologists.

Technical Team

TransPower’s scientific and engineering capabilities are augmented by a team of experienced master mechanics and technicians.  Of TransPower’s six most senior personnel, four possess more than 45 years of technical experience.

If you’re interested in joining the TransPower team, please take a look at the open positions on the Career Opportunities page.

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    System I want to introduce is titled, the Reaction Drive System (RDS). Applying the RDS to the class-8 tractor chassis, will reduce the loading effect of the trailer by, 80% to 90%. Operation at this level, reduces the electrical load on the battery system, using the amplified force from the RDS and drivetrain of the tractor, during the process of developing motion for the combination vehicles. In basic terms, the RDS accepts input force, and develops an amplified horizontal force, that is applied to the gooseneck of the trailer. When the level of horizontal force developed by the RDS, exceeds the loading effect of the trailer, motion will develop for the tractor and trailer, as it follows behind the tractor.

    I am prepared to forward data to explain the process that will reduce the load on the battery and allow significant range extension. Applying the RDS to diesel vehicles will provide the same function to increase the level of fuel economy. This is an amazingly simple system that can promote significant fuel economy. Battery operation can be extended to several hundred miles above present capabilities, and all that is needed is for you to respond to my message.

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