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ElecTruck™ System Building Blocks

Industry-leading electric drive system. Simpler and easier to operate and maintain. Highly efficient.

ElecTruck™ System

TransPower offers the ElecTruck™ system, an industry-leading high power electric drive system developed for locally-driven, short-duty-cycle trucks and buses garaged each night (or day) at the same location.

A variant of the ElecTruck™ system is custom designed for each individual truck or bus model, then installed into the vehicle either at TransPower’s integration facility or the vehicle manufacturer’s own factory.

Electric drive motors are used to propel these vehicles, with all of their energy obtained from onboard batteries.  This completely eliminates the need for internal combustion engines or fuel. Such vehicles are simpler and more reliable than conventional internal combustion engine or hybrid vehicles.

The ElecTruck™ system offers technological innovations in several key areas, including energy storage, power conversion, and vehicle control.  For many vehicle operators, savings in fuel and maintenance costs can often offset the incremental cost of the ElecTruck™ system within a few years.

Integrated Drive Systems

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Energy Storage Subsystems

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