TransPower’s ElecTruck™ components have been shown to easily meet the demanding power requirements of the heaviest on-road Class 8 trucks, weighing up to 80,000 lb.

A fleet of 11 ElecTruck™-powered demonstration trucks is currently being manufactured, two of which have already been completed and subjected to extensive road testing under actual operating conditions.

The 11 trucks – all to be completed by 2015 – include seven pure battery-electric trucks, a battery-electric truck configured to also draw power from overhead catenary power lines, a battery-electric truck using a natural gas engine and generator set as a range extender, and two battery-electric trucks using hydrogen fuel cells as range extenders. Pure battery-electric trucks can operate for up to about 100 miles on a single battery charge, while trucks with range extenders are expected to operate for 200 miles or more before needing recharging or refueling.

For a detailed description of this application, download this report on the use of the ElecTruck™ systems in large trucks.