TransPower’s ElecTruck™ components are especially well-suited for use in off-road Class 8 yard tractors, weighing up to 80,000 lb. These vehicles, also known as “yard hostlers” or “yard goats,” are used to move heavy trailers short distances, usually within a warehouse, distribution center, or port terminal.

A fleet of 5 ElecTruck™-powered demonstration tractors was recently manufactured and these heavy-duty EVs are demonstrating impressive results in their first few months of operation.

One of these tractors has been in every-day use at IKEA’s main California distribution center since September 2014, where it has shown the ability to operate for up to 16 hours on a single battery charge.

The other tractors are being used or readied for use in port terminal and rail yard applications.

This new generation of electric yard tractors is showing that ElecTruck™-powered tractors can equal or surpass the performance of diesel-powered tractors, while improving the environment and saving thousands of dollars per year in fuel and maintenance costs.

For a detailed description of this application, download this report on the use of the ElecTruck™ systems in yard tractors.